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Just used a great junk removal service from Office Clearance Services Bromley and I will use again as some rubbish is too much to put out to be collected by the bin men.

  • Laurie J.

I called RubbishRemovalBromley and their rubbish removal team came around and cleared my waste later that same day. It was an outstanding service.

  • Sarah G.

Booked Rubbish Collection Bromley a while back, because they were cheap, but I've used them loads of times since then because they offer the best waste collection service I could find (and they're still cheap).

  • Gavin Stickles

I usually have a hard time finding a good rubbish collection service, but feel I struck gold when I discovered Rubbish Removal Bromley. Great performance, easy to reach, and super reliable.

  • Betsy

Reliable, polite and friendly chaps to do business with. The rubbish collection team from Rubbish Removal Bromley provided high standard of work all within budget estimate. I would make use of their services again.

  • Thompson Vitale

Affordability and reliability is something I look for in a rubbish removal company; RubbishRemovalBromley exuded professionalism, they were reliable and cheap too - the perfect service.

  • A. Rayner

If was in need of some quick waste clearance support and Bromley Garden Clearance Company provided it to me. They came to my home when I needed and quickly got to work, removing all of my junk from my premises. They were a great help and so I recommend this service.

  • Will Martin

There were no problems at all, the booking process was smooth and easy and the service on the day was exactly what I wanted. You can always count on Rubbish Collection Bromley to take the hassle out of rubbish removal! I certainly did and will do it again.

  • Paul Bodycombe

I was doing some renovations to our home and it had caused a lot of mess and waste in particular some building materials. I hired Bromley Garden Clearance Company who specialised in removing builders waste. They were reliable and soon loaded the waste onto the truck and were away. An affordable service and one I will definitely use again.

  • Barry Morrison

I enjoyed a great experience during my dealings with Bromley Garden Clearance Company. As far as I'm concerned, they're far better than any other rubbish removal company, as their prices are very low but the quality of their services remains exemplary. I have no problems recommending them to others and will most certainly be using them again when in need to.

  • Jaime

I would hire Bromley Garden Clearance Company for office clearance work again. I did in the past and they were everything that I hoped they would be. I did have high expectations because a business colleague raved about them to me. I can understand why she was so happy. This is a wonderful rubbish clearance firm.

  • S. Paterson

I hired Office Clearance Services Bromley for home clearance. They did an amazing job. I had my home cleaned thoroughly. I had misplaced my diamond engagement ring last year. Who could have thought it would pop out of the junk in my backyard? It was so nice of the crew to perform their task so diligently. They actually made an extra effort to hand me precious ring. They have employed some of the nicest and most honest people in their team. It was so worth it. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Cathy B.

We were selling our home and moving abroad and though we were taking some of the contents there was a lot of old and worn-out furniture and electrical appliances to dispose of. We hired Home Clearance Services Bromley and they were amazing. They were organised and helpful and prepared the correct paperwork needed for some of the items to be disposed at the recycling depot. From the first contact with the helpful call centre, to the actual loader and driver taking the bulk load away, they were brilliant. I would definitely recommend hiring them if you need a bulk load or rubbish cleared away; they were fantastic.

  • Hannah S.

I was pleased with Office Clearance Services Broml who did a great job in moving my old kitchen units and appliances when I had a new kitchen installed. There was also old carpet, blinds, and tiles to go. The stuff was collected and taken to the proper centre to be used again for a great cost.

  • Sally Murray

I was renting out my flat whilst I travelled abroad for a while, but needed to clear out the loft and garage as it was full of rubbish. I was over the moon with the clearance company that I used called Rubbish Collection Bromley. They organised a meeting, to provide details and a price of which I was very pleased with. The company was professional and did a really great job in taking away the rubbish. What made it better was that it was creating a nice clean and empty area for me, and also it was all going to be used again where it could be. A wonderful service for a good cost!

  • Faith P.

We were pleased with Bromley Garden Clearance Compan who took away the last remaining bits and pieces from a deceased relative's house we had to clear to sell. The employees were sensitive and helped guide us through the entire procedure, advising us on how to get rid of some of the things and how they were going to dispose of the rest of it. Luckily it was all being recycled so we were happy with this. The price we paid was excellent and the service exceptional from start to end. I would certainly recommend this company if you are in a similar predicament.

  • Lynne B.

I was over the moon with the clearance service I hired to clear out my rented property after the old tenants moved out. I used a local company called RubbishRemovalBromley who were cheap and efficient. They did a superb job, and got the rubbish and unwanted furniture loaded on the truck, and on its way to the recycling centre. It was all being reprocessed where possible which was good. A truly first class service!

  • Johnnie Daniels